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Features of VCARDe

VCARDe helps you spend less time and money on printing and handing out physical business cards

Customize Your Business Cards Easily

Create a digital business card that suits your brand. VCARDe takes the hassle out of designing a unique digital business card. Customize your business card by adding a banner, logo, title, description, and more - anyhow you want!

Update Your Business Details Anytime

VCARDe makes it convenient for you to update your business details and your digital business card. You can edit your business details and modify the design of your digital business cards - whenever you want, at no extra cost.

Reach A Larger Audience

VCARDe helps you reach a larger audience with minimal effort. You can add all your social media profiles and all links related to your business. You can even add images, files, and other media - without worrying about space.

The ultimate dashboard for an enhanced experience

Gain Critical Insights

Effortlessly access and edit vital business data

Visualize device, browser, and platform statistics for your card viewers

Streamlined Control

Craft digital business cards, oversee them, and effortlessly distribute them, all through a unified dashboard

Arrange and update business details at your convenience

Know More

Numerous Vcard templates available

Explore a diverse selection of Vcard templates, offering endless possibilities for your personal or professional profiles.